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Wragg Well Company provides residential and commercial well drilling and servicing in the New England area, primarily serving New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Vermont (our team will travel further for those larger projects).

Ryan Wragg, owner and operator of Wragg Well Company, is a third generation well-driller serving the New England area, and is here to assist with your next project. Weather your next project is residential and commercial our team will make a great fit.

  • Water Wells: There may be fresh water under your property just waiting to be tapped into! Wragg Well Company can help you save money, drill your own well, and make the most of this important resource. Contact us today to learn more about our well drilling services.
  • Irrigation Wells: Worried about your well running dry? Have a commercial farm that requires irrigation for crops and livestock? An irrigation well may be the way to go. Irrigation wells are a great option for homeowners with large lawns or gardens (particularly in towns that set water bans during the summer), commercial farms and garden centers, and greenhouses. Contact us today and schedule a consultation to answer all your irrigation well questions.
  • Hydrofracking: Hydrofracking is a proven method used to increase a well’s yield. Hydrofracking uses highly pressurized water to clear debris and expand fissures in the well’s bedrock, thereby increasing the flow of water. This method may be used in newly drilled wells, or in existing wells whose volume has slowed due to mineralization or debris. Contact us to find out if hydrofracking is an option for you.
  • Commercial: Does your business require a constant and dependable water supply? A commercial well may be advantageous. Contact Wragg Well Company to inquire about commercial well options.
  • New System Install
    You’ve got a well, now what? We’ve got to get that water from the ground into your house.
    Wragg Well Company’s technicians will help you find the right system for your residence and
    ensure the installation results in an adequate water supply for all your daily household needs.
    What kinds of systems do we install?
    Submersiable Pump Systems
    Manual Well Pumps
    Solar Power Well Pump
    Constant Pressure Pumping Systems (upgrade option –
    if you struggle with low or fluctuating water pressure installing a constant pressure system might solve the problem. Constant pressure systems work by regulating the RPM of the well pump to match the water demand, thereby ensuring your water pressure is never too low)
  • Irrigation Pumping Systems
    Crops suffering from under watering? Outdated systems holding your farm back? Or maybe you want to install an irrigation system to keep your landscaping green and lush? Contact Wragg Well Company today to explore your options and find the irrigation pumping system that is the right fit for you and your farm or home.
  • Pump and Tank Replacement & Maintenance
    Even the most high-tech water treatment systems still require routine maintenance. If you have an existing pump system make sure it is up to date on servicing to ensure the best quality water in your household. You may want to get your system serviced if you are noticing:
    ● water has an odor
    ● water tastes off
    ● stains appearing on your sink, shower, or clothing
    ● water softener using more or less salt than normal
    ● low water pressure
    ● or no water at all

Make use of the Earth’s natural energy storing capabilities to heat and cool your home! According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) geothermal heat pumps are the most energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective means of heating and cooling one’s home. Although air temperatures fluctuate drastically, the temperature about 10 feet below ground stays at a relatively stable 50 F to 60 F. In New England this means that in winter the ground is warmer than the air and heat pumps will transfer heat from the ground into the building. In summer this process is reversed. Contact Wragg Well Company today to see if a
geothermal system is a good fit for you.

Wragg Well provides Conductivity testing before drilling.

Why Consider Thermal Conductivity Testing?

  • Testing allows more accurate installation cost estimates
  • Test parameters are set to simulate loop response under cooling design conditions
  • Test results enable ground loops to be sized to match existing formation conditions
  • Multiple tests allow comparison of different grouts

Curious about the quality of your water supply? Or wondering why your water has a strange smell or taste? It could be mean your water is “hard,” and contains excess quantities of calcium, magnesium, or other minerals that might be damaging to your self and home if not regulated. Contact us today to find out more about water testing and filtration options.


A bacteria (coliform, E. coli) test is crucial to ensuring the water in wells is safe to drink. Coliforms are naturally occurring bacteria present in the environment and used as an indicator that other, potentially harmful, bacteria may be present. Fecal coliform and E. coli bacteria in well water indicate the water may be contaminated by human or animal wastes. These bacteria are harmful to human health. As coliforms can be found in plant and soil material, the bacteria can pass into water through defective or aged well construction, such as through caps or faulty seals, cracks, or holes in the well casing, or quite commonly in, during well flooding at the end of winter.

Third generation Ryan Wragg leads his crews in testing and treatment of your well.

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In 1956, Ryan’s grandfather, George, and Bruce Wragg started a company in Connecticut. George later moved to Vermont, continuing the business with his sons, including Ryan’s father. Years later, and Ryan has set out on his own, bringing 20 years of his own drilling experience and decades of family knowledge.
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